Owe your companion only quality time

An incredible method to pay companions that you owe utilizing the account-to-account move highlight. You can likewise monitor your costs and spends as you come. Life is so a lot simpler when you and your companions are a piece of the vaultspay group.

Why is Pay Friends supportive?

You can totally skirt the problem of approaching your companion for their bank subtleties, adding them as a recipient and hanging tight for endorsement that takes 24 hours. All you'll require is their telephone number. Thus, the time you spare can be gone through finding your darling companions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Vaultspay is a digital platform with superb customer experience as its goal. Our vision is to walk with the customer into the dawn, a new way of banking with a vastly improved experience.
We strive to incorporate emerging technologies to give our customers an everlasting feeling – a lifetime of new banking experience!
We believe our core values as integrity, commitment, trust and care.
  • Withdrawal Funds: upto 1.5%
  • Deposit Funds: upto 1.0%
  • Receive Money: Free
  • Send Money: upto 1.0%
  • Currency Conversion: upto 0.4%
  • Administrative fee: Free
Vaultspay is an innovative idea from a group of experts who have long careers in the FinTech industry and have understood the difficulties of a customer to make payments and have smooth banking. Our team also includes specialists and accomplished professionals from IT, Customer Support, Compliance and many more.
No matter where you are in the world, you can open private/business accounts and transfer funds in real-time.

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