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The complete, easy-to-use digital solution to sending and receiving payments. Peace-of-mind with the latest security and blockchain technologies, payment process automation and dashboard tools.


Whether making payments to your friends and family, buying online, or processing payments for your business, our adaptable solution can fulfill all of your needs

  • Introduction

    A basic overview of the VaultsPay system. It will give a roadmap to developers so that they can make the most of it.

  • API page

    In this section, you find a complete guide to integrating the VaultsPay payment system in your web application.

  • Appendix

    For technical terms and the correct use of keywords use this appendix.

  • FAQs

    Your questions regarding using the VaultsPay system. We tried to answer the most frequently asked questions here.

  • Select a Template.
  • Add Page Details. Add Business Details. Add Payment Details.
  • Configure Page Settings.
  • Publish and Share.
  • Setup Webhooks.

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