Our Terms & Conditions

Security measures

  • You are the SOLE responsible for the safety, security, and proper use of your gadgets, i.e. smartphone, tablet, or any other device using the Mobile Wallet services.

  • As a security and precautionary measure, if you fail to enter the correct PIN for 3 attempts, the account will be temporarily deactivated. You will need to call the Customer Service Centre to reactivate the account which requires a verification process directed by the company.

  • You, and only you, shall use your account and PIN to access the service and will be responsible for all the transactions made through your account.

  • Do not share, send, or disclose your PIN to anyone, including your family members and employees of VaultsPay, or anyone else.

suspension and disconnection of the services/closure of account

  • VaulsPay may suspend, restrict, or terminate provision of the service and/or close your account without informing you and without any liabilities whatsoever -Although, we will try, if possible, to inform you justifying the reasons why such action is or may be taken- if:

    • VaultsPay is aware or have reason to believe that your account is being used in an unauthorized, unlawful, improper, fraudulent manner, or any criminal activities.

    • lack of complying with any of the conditions related to the use of the services that have been communicated to you earlier.

    • You fail to notify VaultsPay that your device has been lost or stolen, or if your PIN has been disclosed to any other party.

    • Doing anything with your device, intentionally or unintentionally, that we suspect may lead to damage or jeopardize the security of the services.

    • You fail to inform VaultsPay if your registered number is cancelled or disconnected from the network service provider.

    • VaultsPay will suspend your account in case of ID verification failure, where you have not provided a certified ID copy or a reliable certified ID document within 30 days after being notified to provide the ID.

  • VaultsPay will close your account permanently upon receiving a signed written request by the account owner or when received an official death certificate.

  • VaultsPay will not answer to you and will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, circumstantial, consequential, or special damages arising from any act or omission by VaultsPay or any third party for whom we are responsible, whether arising in contract, or statute, if we close or suspend Your account in terms of this clause 7.

getting assistance

  • You may call the Customer Call Centre on the given official number only, if you want to do any of the following:

    • Receive information about agents

    • Run a query on your account

    • Question any transactions performed through Your account

    • Have any type of problem accessing the system

    • Lodge or follow up with a complaint

    • Requesting any assistant or information about the services

    • Mobile Money Services in UAE are regulated by the Central Bank of UAE. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint, you are welcome to approach the Central Bank with a request to intervene.

your responsibilities

  • You are the SOLE responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the information provided to VaultsPay about yourself. Furthermore, you undertake to VaulsPay that any information you provided is true and correct, you will also provide any additional information required from time to time, failing to do so will lead to suspend/terminate your account.

  • You will be held responsible for the payment of all applicable fees and charges for any transaction processed using your phone, application, and PIN whether were made by you or someone else with or without your authority or knowledge.

  • You should not use the services for any illegal activities or to commit any offence.

  • It is mandatory to inform VaultsPay in the event of damage, loss, or theft of your phone immediately. As a precautionary measure, the account will be suspended until the proper replacement and full restoration of your phone.

  • You will be held responsible for all the fees and transactions clearance affected up to the time of receipt of your reporting of damaged, lost, or theft of your phone to VaultsPay.

  • You should abide all the term and conditions and comply with any instructions that VaultsPay may issue from time to time about the use of the Mobile Wallet Services.


  • The refund of any transaction and subsequent fee to your credit balance will be processed if:

    • You send E-Money to an unregistered user who does not redeem the E-Money within 7 days and you cancel the transaction after the expiry of the 7 days.

    • You close your account while still having E-Money in it. A refund resulting from closing an account will be treated as a cash-out transaction and will be subject to service applicable fees. Refunds resulting from closing an account will be paid in cash and can be made by any registered agent following receipt of a request to close the account.

    • You have been wrongly charged by VaultsPay or where it is established that your account was debited without proper transfer instructions authorized by means of your PIN.

    • You need to call the Customer Service Centre in order to cancel a transaction, or query your account and request a refund of the transaction amount and fee or unauthorized transaction amount or erroneous charge as the case may be. VaultsPay will process such request and in case of approval, will credit the refund to your account.

    • In the event that account is closed as a result of death, the credit balance in shall be paid over to next of kin or the beneficiary stated in a beneficiary nomination letter or administrator nominated in the letters of administration issued by the Master of the High Court.

    • VaultsPay will endeavour to effect refunds as soon as possible but in any event not later than 5 days from the date on which a claim for refund was made.

    • VaultsPay does not have any obligation to cancel any transfer instructions and refund you in the event of any dispute with any designated payee. When a reversal has been requested, VaultsPay will contact the receiving party before a reversal is initiated.

    • If You have E-money left in Your account which has not been accessed for more than 10 years, VaultsPay will transfer the cash equivalent of that E-Money to the relevant authorities in UAE.


  • VaultsPay reserve the right to update/amend/change these conditions of use from time to time. You shall have 21 days’ notice of any proposed updates/amendments/changes through such communication medium as VaultsPay may determine and you shall be deemed to have been notified of any such variations regardless that the same may not have actually come to your attention. After 21 days, the updates/amendments/changes will be deemed to be fully effective. If You do not agree with the changes, you must terminate the Services, otherwise You shall be deemed to have accepted the updates/amendments/changes.


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