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  • VaultsPay provides the complete payments solution for your business, whether you’re a solopreneur or a multi-national.

  • VaultsPay offers a turn-key payment gateway solution that seamlessly integrates with your digital assets, giving your customers fast, secure payment options across 180 countries and 120 currencies.

  • VaultsPay enables your business to better control online transactions, with a feature-rich management interface that schedules, automates, and reports on payment, invoicing and shipping processes.

Recurring/ Subscription Payments

Automate repetitive payment processes! Schedule your batch & recurring payments Recurring Batch allows you to manage aspects of your customers Recurring Payments by sending in a Customer upload request file

Invoice Management

Maximise your invoicing efficiency! VaultsPav has an easy to use, a free tool kit to allow your business to evolve from manual, transactional-based invoicing to automated, consolidated account-based invoice processing.

Tax Management

Seamlessly globalize your business! VaultsPav has the functionality to automatically calculate sales or value-added taxes and adjust your invoice accordingly to your tax calculation & collection.

Transaction Management

Enable real-time visualization of your payment processes! VaultsPav provides a feature-rich reporting suite and a real-time, mobile dashboard interface for access across your management layer.

Why should you choose VaultsPay?

  • Fast

    Easy-to-use app enabling payments to or from 180 countries in under a minute!

  • Safe & Secure

    Contactless payment options and built on the very latest block-chain technologies to the highest industry standards.

  • Low Cost

    Cheaper payments with free services, industry low fees and no hidden charges.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Peace-of-mind with ‘always-on’ global customer support


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